Experience and expertise. A powerful team.

Translation Engineering is one of the world’s leading providers of multilingual communications. With our seven specialty departments and over 100 languages, we offer our clients custom full-service language solutions. We offer everything from translation, proofreading and copy editing, through interpreting, website and software localization, up to transcription, voice-over and desktop publishing.

Founded in 1988, we have an established global infrastructure and offer effective quality management. Our personnel’sThe expertise of our translators and staff enables us to deal flexibly and competently with the complex demands of international markets and to initiate innovative concepts.

Our translations hit the mark. Reliably conveying the meaning of extremely complex technical jargon in another language – even for unusual language combinations and the tightest deadlines – is what we do every day to earn a living. A key component of our performance strength and versatility is an equally diverse and highly differentiated specialization structure.

DIN EN Qualitätszertifikat

Founders and managing directors

Verena Weixler,
sociologist (Dipl.),
certified public translator

Lorenzo Béjar-Kretschmann,
engineer (Dipl.),
translator (Dipl.),
associate lecturer for translation at the Munich University of Applied Sciences

Both managing directors have many years of translation experience. Each has translated more than 35,000 pages. Hence they know every facet of translation – from the ground up.