Linguistic specialists

A strong network. Teaming translators, proofreaders and terminologists.

Translation Engineering has an effective network of over 5,000 academically qualified interpreters and translators. They are the best in the industry. Our linguists are native speakers with in-depth expert knowledge. They translate exclusively into their native language and in their field of expertise.

Discerning selection and evaluation of our linguists is very important to us. We have developed a rigorous certification process for this purpose, which we use to evaluate, validate and certify the skills of our translators, proofreaders and copy editors by comparing them to a set of carefully selected benchmarks.

TELEP seal of quality – triple-checked expertise

Our specialized linguists are subjected to our rigorous, three-stage TELEP (Translation Engineering Linguist Evaluation Program) evaluation and selection process. The process, which is unique to the industry, integrates three coordinated quality levels. Only the best linguists successfully complete the process. This is how we ensure we only offer our clients translators who continuously demonstrate their outstanding quality. The TELEP process consists of three levels. More …

We let you see for yourself

We know that talk is cheap – that’s why we’d be are happy to let you have a closer look

You don’t have to be satisfied with our abstract quality standards – Translation Engineering will grant you a behind-the-scenes look and let you meet our specialized linguists.

Just apply for your personal access code at and we’ll give you the opportunity to more closely appraise our translators. You will be able to review the comprehensive profiles of our specialized linguists, including detailed information about their qualifications and professional experience, arranged by language combination and specialty field.

We look forward to hearing from you!