Evaluation levels

TELEP – Translation Engineering Linguist Evaluation Program.
Performance + system.

Evaluation level 1

Linguists must simultaneously meet all of the following basic requirements:

  • Native language: The linguists’ target language must be their native language
  • Foreign experience: Linguists must have lived in the country that uses the source language from which they translate for at least three years, and have been in a university or working environment there.
  • Qualification in a specialty field: The linguists must be able to demonstrate they have a university degree in their specialty field, such as a law or economic sciences, engineering or bio-sciences.
  • Industry experience in the specialty field: Linguists must have worked at least five years in their specialty field; for example, as a lawyer, economist, engineer or molecular biologist.
  • Linguistic qualification: Linguists must be able to demonstrate that they have a university degree in translation or language sciences.
  • Experience as a linguist: Linguists must be able to demonstrate they have at least five years’ work experience in the translation industry, and that they have translated at least one million words (or at least 5,000 pages) in their specialty field.

Evaluation level 2

At this level, the linguists’ translation skills are tested extensively. This involves having the translator process various types of text and assessing various aspects of the translation quality using a sophisticated set of criteria. Linguists do not become part of our in-house network of experts until they have successfully completed this second evaluation phase; only then will they be commissioned to translate, proofread or copy-edit current project work.

Evaluation level 3

We continuously check and evaluate each and every translation submitted by our linguists to ensure our quality standards are maintained. In addition to the ongoing assessment of the linguist by our proofreaders and copy editors, client satisfaction is naturally a very decisive component at this evaluation level. All of this information is collected systematically and linked to the linguist on a project by project basis. This is how we ensure that only the best linguists in the industry are assigned to your work – translators, proofreaders and copy editors who demonstrate the quality of their work anew for every project.
Our internal TELEP certification is a component of our existing quality assurance standards.

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