Mission and policy

Language and subject expertise. With our feet firmly on the ground.

We combine linguistic qualifications with qualified expert knowledge and industry experience: Our translators have university degrees in disciplines such as law, business, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, medicine and biochemistry, in addition to a translation diploma. Years of industry experience round out our linguists’ profiles. At Translation Engineering, technical and linguistic expertise are equally important and go hand in hand. We ensure that your documents are not only technically correct, but also linguistically deft and stylistically appealing.

Our translators’ dual qualification in language and subject matter guarantees you a polished translation that reads like an original.

TELEP seal of quality –
triple-checked expertise

We write quality in capital letters:
Our internal certification process for translators, proofreaders and copy editors enables us to guarantee uncompromising, high-quality translations. Three tightly intertwined selection and certification levels allow only the best to pass. Our linguists’ qualifications are triple-checked.