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Specialty subject: patent translations. Knowing how it works.

Patent translations have their own unique requirements. In addition to familiarity with the specific technical subject matter, solidly grounded knowledge of patent rights and patent language is necessary to ensure that your patent application’s scope of protection will be maintained internationally. Thanks to our twenty years’ experience translating patents, we are intimately acquainted with the peculiarities of patent language, the required formal structure of patent applications, as well as the legal provisions that need to be considered.

Our patent translators come directly from the field of patents and have many years of industry experience. They include patent attorneys and patent examiners, as well as physicists, chemists, molecular biologists, biomedical experts and biochemists who specialize in patent translations. All translators translate exclusively into their native tongue and in their specialty field.

Industry experience

Translation Engineering works worldwide for well-known patent and law offices, patent departments of leading companies and patent offices. Whether it be for mechanical, electrical or civil engineering, chemistry, physics or modern life sciences such as molecular biology, biochemistry or pharmacology, we have the right experts for your specific requirements.

Specialty fields

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • physics
  • medical technology
  • health care
  • building and construction
  • environmental technology
  • chemistry
  • medicine/pharmaceuticals/life sciences
  • information systems